Terms & Conditions

AMARON Battery (AMARON BATTERY SUPPLIES) deals in a variety of services, including:

ON-DOOR car battery changing

Battery jumpstarts

Battery checking services

In case of any difficulties or quarries about our services, you can contact us at you have any difficulties using our Service, please contact us at centurybattery1@gmail.com or 017-333 2746.

Even though we can provide an anticipated arrival time for our technician, this is not a binding guarantee since the response time would depend on various factors such as traffic, road accidents, the distance from the dealer to your specific location, and other conditions on the roads. Our technician will make every effort to get to your place as quickly as possible in any situation. Still, AMARON BATTERY will not be held responsible if it takes longer than expected to arrive at your location.

Few additional factors may impact the prices that are listed on the website. These factors may be the distance and time it takes for an AMARON BATTERY expert to reach your location or other extraneous or unforeseen circumstances. These situations may increase the cost of delivery of the Services or the product itself. Before performing the services, the AMARON BATTERY expert will notify you of the exact pricing and acquire your consent.

How to pay: Paying for the Services can be done in cash, by bank transfer, or with a credit card once each Service is completed. On the other hand, we do not offer refunds or credits for any services given.

A minimum service charge will be charged If the AMARON BATTERY specialist arrives at your location but cannot deliver the Service due to circumstances beyond his control (for example, they find your car battery dead or fail to jumpstart it anyways).

Terms and Conditions for Warranty:

The battery will be tested seven days after the client requests warranty support. We will charge the particular amount to deliver a fully charged battery to the customer, or AMARON BATTERY offers self-collection of batteries free of cost.

The client must pick up the good recharged batteries within 14 days after being notified, or otherwise, they will be disposed of one month after the notification date.

It is to inform you that a fixed amount will be charged for any warranty support request that is not a battery issue, such as:

Alternator poor charging

Alternator defective

Starter faulty,

Wring problem

Customer negligence or vehicle problems, such as the alternator, starter, wiring, etc., are not covered under warranty.