Terms & Conditions

KELVIN BATTERY (KELVIN BATTERY SUPPLIES) provides ON-DOOR car battery changing, battery jumpstarts, and battery checking service.

If you have any difficulties using our service, please contact us at centurybattery1@gmail.com, or 0173332746 Kelvin / 0123552746.

While we can promise an estimated time of arrival of our technician to your location, it is merely an estimated time and shall not be taken as a binding commitment as the response time would depend on a myriad of factors such as traffic situation, road accident, distance from dealer location to your exact location and other conditions on the road. In any event, our technician will strive to reach your location in the shortest possible time but will not be liable in the event KELVIN BATTERY reaches your location beyond the estimated time of arrival.

Prices as listed in the website is subject to change due to other additional factors such as the distance and time it takes for KELVIN BATTERY technician reach your location or some other extraneous or unexpected situations that may increase the cost of delivery of the Services or the product itself. KELVIN BATTERY technician will inform you of the actual price and obtain your agreement before providing the Services to you.

Payment methods: You may pay for the Services using cash, bank direct transfer or credit card upon completion of each Service.

Purchases are not refundable and we will not refund or credit for any Service rendered.

While KELVIN BATTERY technician been called to your location but is unable to provide the Service, due to reasons beyond his control (for example, the vehicle battery is dead and there is no way to jump start it), you shall be responsible to pay a minimum service charge of RM40.

Warranty Terms:

Once customer request for warranty assistance, we will provide a temporary battery to customer, and test the battery by spending 7days period.

RM40.00 will be charged for the delivery of good recharged battery to the customer.

Alternatively, customer can self-collect the battery from KELVIN BATTERY at no cost.

Once notified, customer is required to collect the good recharged battery within 14 days.

Uncollected customer's good recharged battery will be disposed after one month of the notification’s date

Any request for warranty support which has been non-battery issue confirmed i.e. alternator low charging, alternator faulty, starter faulty, wiring problem will be charged for RM40.00 for assistance.

Genuine warranty claim is only applicable for battery defect and not-applicable for customer's negligence or vehicle problem i.e. alternator, starter, wiring, etc.