AGM Batteries

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Lead-Acid Advanced Technology


Car batteries are functional every time the engine is started, and this starting current from the battery must be high. Especially in newer automobiles with automated start-stop systems, the engine is shut off multiple times throughout the trip. As a result, the battery continues to provide energy to all electrical users. A standard starting battery (SLI) is not intended to handle this continuous discharging and charging, so a special battery is required to operate this automatic start-stop system.

Only a battery with start-stop technology can deal with these demands and withstand the strain.

It is time to upgrade your vehicle battery!

AMARON BATTERIES gives you the very best version of batteries, and your cars and accessories will run smoothly on an AMARON BATTERY with the latest technologies.

Technology using AMARON cells has a three-fold endurance advantage over traditional batteries. This feature makes them ideal for sophisticated start-stop systems in which the battery has to be swiftly refilled using energy given by the vehicle’s brake system.

*AMARON AGM is temporary unavailable in Malaysia yet.

We also selling other brand with AGM technology battery (EXAMPLE BMW ORIGINAL OEM BRANG), please CALL 0173332746 Kelvin / 0123552746 or WHATSAPP us your car model and we will get back to you shortly.

AGM Car Battery

Every time you start your engine, your car needs sufficient energy to operate it. The Battery inside the car should supply enough energy for an automatic startup even if the engine is turned off multiple times in a journey. The Battery will still provide great amounts of energy to the consumer. A conventional battery is not designed particularly for continuous on and continuous off states. Only a good battery that is designed to withstand these outcomes can withstand this kind of strain.


Having a battery with suitable circuitry and handling even the most outstanding amounts of power that your car needs are a battery that you should buy. Such a battery exists, and it’s the best of the best. AGM car batteries are equipped with the most advanced technology and can withstand even the most demanding vehicles. AGM car battery can offer an endurance of a conventional battery and is also the perfect choice for an advanced start and stop system. These batteries can quickly be recharged through the energy deposited inside the regenerative braking system.


We also sell other brands with AGM car battery technology, such as the BMW Original OEM brand battery. Please contact us on our website, for more details.