Century Batteries

In 1983, one of the world’s leading battery manufacturing companies, century battery, was found. Century battery are long-lasting and can withstand heavy abuse. Most Australians can recognize the battery just by looking at it from the outside, as it’s their go-to battery since day 1. These batteries are reliable. Through their constant persistent and innovation in the industry, these batteries are very recognizable. They are used in the automative industry and as well as in marines, heavy machinery, and deep cycle categories. The company is also looking for new opportunities in growing solar and hybrid vehicle markets.

What’s inside the battery?

The century battery is a combination of both great performance and enhanced battery life. These batteries are incorporated with an advanced labyrinth lid system that can withstand heat and reduce water loss. While performing, it can increase its electrolyte levels, and due to its internal cutting edge plate design, it can deliver superior performance. These batteries can last for more than five years, and most Australians will agree that these batteries are superior in every way.

Need more energy?

The Century 24LX is the most powerful cycling AGM battery that is not only durable, but it also comes with 20x times more vibration resistance than regular batteries. It is ideal for most applications where having two batteries is unsuitable. These batteries are also larger in size and can withstand heavy loads. These batteries also come with a warranty and are usually used in industries.

Where can I buy century battery near me?

Suppose you’re in the market and search on google for a century battery near me. You will most likely be redirected to our website. We sell authentic century batteries that can be installed in most of your systems. For more details contact us on our Whatsapp number or on our website.